Count Our Lucky Stars

We should all Count Our Lucky Stars…

The currency ticker symbol for the Flat Earth Coin is; ‘COLX’. This is from the original cryptocurrency system which it is ‘forked’ from and we thought that this made a great acronym for the letters. Albeit that it’s an ‘X’ on the end and not an ‘S’, but that could represent like an asterisk * star.

i.e. The currency ticker symbol for Bitcoin is BTC and the one for the Flat Earth Coin is COLX. For all intents and purposes, it is exactly the same currency as COLX and this is how it is listed across all the international exchanges.

You can track the current daily value here – Click Here

It is currently very low as it is only just starting out in life, exactly the same as Bitcoin was when it started its life back in 2009. So don’t let the current value fool you, it’s the potential that it holds for monumental growth over the coming weeks and months and years ahead which is the really exciting prospect.

I’m in the very lucky position of already witnessing the whole process with Bitcoins; from their inception, right the way through to their current monumental and new highs almost daily now. So don’t worry if you are regretting that you missed the boat with Bitcoins, now is the time for your boat to come in with Flat Earth Coins!

Obviously, nothing in this life can ever be guaranteed, even the shape of the planet we were told that we were living on. But, as more and more people wake up to the truth, and get involved with this new ecosystem, the faster it will begin to pick up steam, develop and grow.

How Many People Hold All The World’s Bitcoins?

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