£80 Million Bitcoin Hard Drive Is At The Bottom Of A Landfill!

James Howells of Newport, South Wales, stored what has now amounted to £90 million worth of bitcoins on a hard drive. Sounds like good news, right? Well, the kicker is the that the hardrive he stored those Bitcoins on is currently buried under a landfill.

In 2013, Howells threw away the old hard drive he had used to mine Bitcoins.
In an attempt to get permission to dig for his old hard drive, Howells told Wired that he has been in touch with the Newport City Council. So far, though, he’s had no luck.

Howells wrote, “Digging up a landfill is not as easy as just digging a hole in the ground.” Assuming Howells does get permission to conduct a search, it would be the first dig of its kind authorized in the U.K.

The Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage is a website conceived in 2005 by Alex Tew, a student from Wiltshire, England, to raise money for his university education.

The home page consists of a million pixels arranged in a pixel grid; the image-based links on it were sold for US$1 per pixel in blocks. The purchasers of these pixel blocks provided tiny images to be displayed on them, a URL to which the images were linked, and a slogan to be displayed when hovering a cursor over the link.

The aim of the website was to sell all of the pixels in the image, thus generating a million dollars of income for the creator.

Launched on 26 August 2005, the website became an Internet phenomenon.  On the 1st January 2006, the final 1,000 pixels were put up for auction on eBay. The auction closed on 11 January with a winning bid of $38,100 that brought the final tally to $1,037,100 in gross income.

His website was also featured in the book “Cool Tech Gadgets, Games, Robots, and the Digital World”.

The Goldsmith’s Tale

Our whole financial system has been built around debt and everybody paying interest on their credit loans which is pure profit for the banking cartels. This short, yet very profound video entitled The Goldsmith’s Tale explains, in very simple and easy to understand terms, the fractional reserve banking system and how the banks literally conjure up new money out of thin air from your signature on a loan agreement securing your promise to repay the debt. Sound ludicrous? Watch this video and discover the truth of the matter for yourself.

Flat Earth Coin Bleeding-Edge Technology

For the Flat Earth Coin, I chose the very latest bleeding-edge Cryptocurrency technology currently out there. The beauty with ‘Open Source’ code is that all developers work together with the common goal of producing the very best software for the greater good of everyone.

So, I can’t take any credit for the tens of thousands of development hours that has been put in to getting this software to where it is today; my part is merely a catalyst to help develop and grow and entirely new ecosystem for everyone who wakes up from the lies that we have been sold all our lives.

The Very Latest Alternative to Bitcoin

Flat Earth Coin is the very latest alternative to Bitcoin that features better anonymity, much greater speed, is very highly energy efficient and, hence, far more environmentally friendly. It allows everyone to invest their wealth in an entirely new, non-governmentally controlled, ecosystem which can transfer any amount of funds, almost instantly, anywhere in the world, with close to zero fees.

A privacy-centric, energy-efficient, decentralised, open-source, peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency with instantaneous and anonymous transactions.

A two-tier network based on the popular Bitcoin core software that utilises Masternodes and the Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol for securing its network which gives it unmatched stability and easy accessibility.

 Bleeding-edge Technology

Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol, Masternodes, SwiftTX Instant Transactions, Private Instant Verified Transactions (full-time private transactions) and a unique Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism.

 Energy and Cost Efficiency

Proof of Stake is a highly energy efficient method of securing a coin’s blockchain. Mining does not require the intense computing power, only a small amount of CPU power.


Masternode technology is used for securing the network with positive side effect of stabilising the market price. Holders are rewarded with block rewards.

 Extra Privacy

Full privacy is secured by technology making the transactions untraceable. Anonymous transactions are achieved by using a unique Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism.

 Instant transaction

Transfer your money instantly with SwiftTX, guaranteed zero confirmation transactions. This allows the network to function at optimal efficiency and guarantee steady transaction processing.

 Secure transactions

Public-key cryptography, in which a pair of a public and a private cryptographic key is generated. The core network is maintained by coin holders and the PoS reduces the risk of 51% attacks.